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“Logic will get you from A to B.  Imagination will take you everywhere.”

–Albert Einstein

Introducing and sustaining a Visual Arts program offers children an opportunity to examine the idea of possibilities.  Creating visual art is an activity that stimulates and activates multiple tools for our students. It will develop math skills, eye hand coordination, innovation, logic, cultural appreciation and, the overarching, critical thinking.

The efforts of Volume! focus on helping students to think progressively, addressing challenges with imagination and developing applicable skills. The sessions are designed to support a school’s Mathematics Department to buoy in-class instructions.  Our Teaching Artists will communicate with  the school officials and Mathematics department  about the classroom lesson plans in order to develop our creative lesson plans buttressing the work of the Math teachers.

Session arcs are constructed to fit the needs of the school and grade level. All lesson plans are based on the five values, outlined below:

  1.  Artistic Awareness
  • Basic artistic skills
  • Principles of Art
  • Lexicon and vocabulary
  • Fine Art mediums and general media


  1.   Expressions and Presentations
  • Genre skill and processes
  • Tasks and problem solving
  • Group and individual projects
  • Portfolio building
  • Use of vocabulary and linguistic skills in general media


  1.   Cultural Context
  • Local and renown talent
  • Guest artist instructors
  • Studio and gallery visits
  • Comparative of contemporary culture and works
  • Role of galleries


  1.   Visual Aesthetics
  • Study beauty in relation to cultures and eras
  • Address how beauty changes in Fine Art affect general media/population


  1.   Comparatives and Usage
  • Use of art in math and science
  • Art forms affected by Visual Art
  • Career in art — fine and commercial


Volume! understands the importance of Visual Arts and education. Our goal is to use our expertise to aid a student’s growth. The Visual Arts offers our Teaching Artists a chance to watch imaginations at work. With paintings, photography, illustration and computer art the constraints of expression are few. And the output by the students is going to be personal, interesting and beautiful.

Our arcs are designed to ensure there is academic, artistic and personal growth.. Volume!

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